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Bloody Social - Nightmare In Palm Beach

Welcome to Palm Beach, Florida, the decadent gorgeous seaside winter playground for the super-rich with more billionaires in town than anywhere in the world. A pristinely beautiful barrier reef island, Palm Beach is the costliest four miles of real estate in the world! A town with endless extravagant parties during the “seasonâ€, with priceless oceanfront mansions, enormous yachts, private jets, exclusive private social clubs with long running controversial reputations that restrict admittance.  World class dining and shopping on the island with one of the finest hotels in the world of old unrivaled elegance on the sea.


The lasting charm of Palm Beach is the ability to be both past and present at the same time.  Enchanting gorgeous villas throughout the island, made with great European style and Spanish influence. Now the town is home to a sitting president who created his own exclusive club known as Mar-A-Lago, the “Winter Whitehouseâ€.


Socially Palm Beach is known for weekly black tie charity parties and balls, unusual marriages, bitter divorce battles, drinking, drugs and life in excess, giving some early deaths. Mainly, populated by high society, the idle rich, above the law, where the biggest job is keeping up appearances, with governing rules of etiquette, snobbery, bigotry, old racist club rules, and wanna be’s endless social climbing.  It’s the “old guard†vs. “new guard “all fighting for their pecking order.  They say on the island; “Nuevo Riche†is better than no “Riche†at all.


Real royalty mixes with faux, ambitious hostesses run big charity events elevating their social position, powerful billionaires at play, gigolos and gold diggers after the grande dames after their inherited fortunes. Flamboyant party planners fight it out nightly trying to outdo each other with each big party.   The private jets all lined up, on the private side of the airport, parked next to Air Force One bringing in the sitting USA President.


Cocaine social peddlers clandestinely gain control of glamorous, wealthy, aging matriarchs, and heiresses in search of eternal youth and erotic excitement their aging husbands can no longer provide.  The elite have their own rules on this island. A convicted billionaire Palm Beach sex offender, who abused dozens of young underage teenage girls, gets a slap on the wrist!


Now, a major Palm Beach nightmare is about to unfold, they are not above the law, the black hearts, the white sandy beaches and the blue waters of the Atlantic are about to run blood red.


Here, Victoria Livingston, a prominent tobacco and steel heiress known as “The Queen of Palm Beachâ€, the Grande Dame, faces a terrifying conflict. Her socially acceptable, but long running marriage, to Jay Livingston Sr., based on her fortune and his social position is finished.   She battles against the demands of her new love, an erotic, enslaving handsome Latin stud, Pablo Pusero.  He is a Colombian, cocaine dealing, wheeler dealer, social climbing hustler, a Pablo Escobar wannabe, now seeking a desperate heiress.  He landed Victoria, seducing her with his good looks, charm and diabolical mix of passionate sex, and drugs, “the marching powder of PBâ€.


The nightmare opens out in the Atlantic Ocean, in the inky blue Gulfstream, aboard the fishing yacht, “BITE ME “where Jay Livingston Sr. and his son Jason Livingston Jr., “JJâ€, finally share some close father-son time.  Jason hooks a record sized huge Blue Marlin fish, in the rough white-capped seas, with a fierce battle ensuing to reel it in.  This struggle between Jason and the great fish is a deep father son bonding moment that sets the foundation for the Palm Beach nightmare to unfold.


After nearly thirty years of marriage, how does Victoria now rid her life of her second husband, Jay Livingston, Sr., without a costly scandalous divorce?  According to her lawyer, and her bon vivant polo playing money manager, Robert Silver, the courts will obligate her to share at least half of her massive fortune with her husband. That would be out of the question for Victoria, a similar scenario that unfolded with her first husband, Winston, who met a sudden and untimely death on the polo field.


Pressured by her addictions and attachment to her lover, Pablo Pusero, Victoria makes a terrifying choice that will soon shock Palm Beach.  The glamorous, aging, horny socialite in pursuit of eternal youth and erotic power chooses to kill her husband, Jay Sr. just like she did with her first husband.  When the men in her life are no longer needed, they must die, so Victoria can move on with her life.   Like others in the town, Victoria feels she is above the law and can write her own rules.


Her character is seen as a power hungry sensual lover and a dangerous venomous killer. A role that demonstrates her true diabolical power and her riveting dynamic character. One is fixated on her beauty and style while living in fear for what she could do next.


Upon returning early from the fishing trip out in the Atlantic Ocean, Jay Sr. and his son Jason, catch Victoria in the throes of passion with Pablo, in her tropical lush flower garden, abundant with the deadly Oleander flowers blowing in the warm humid ocean breeze.  Jay’s best friend, his hunting dog and beloved pet, black Labrador, “Whiskey “retrieves her tossed panties, and delivers them to the feet of his master upon his return home. Whiskey knew something was wrong and leads them to the tryst in the garden. They become outraged!

The following day, Jay Sr., Jason, and Victoria and friends go on another “father –son “bonding event, a fancy pheasant shoot organized by the Latin Kings of Palm Beach.  Pheasants are released from an elevated tower, and the hunters mercilessly blast them out of the sky as they fly fleeing for their life in all directions.  In her blood, thirsty fury to get revenge on “Whiskey “she shoots the dog in a supposed accident, after slipping on a wet bank. In her fall, her 20-gauge side by side shotgun is accidentally discharged.           “Take that you son of a bitch “she exclaimed!   Whiskey was shot, and collapses.  A tragic scene unfolds as they race to aid the fallen dog and then rush him off to the emergency vet clinic hoping to save his life.


Victoria has a lady’s lunch party, the following day, with her closest girlfriends Acanthis, Muffie, and Whitney at her fabulous home, “CASA OLEANDER “outside on the garden terrace.  They love to gather and review the talk of the town. After lunch, she consults occult forces from her close friend Acanthis “Candyâ€, the love witch, the “bruja “, to invoke her special powers and to cast spells. In a powerful scene in her prized garden, filled with snakes, parrots, peacock, and poisonous Oleander flowers, Victoria participates in some spooky witchcraft with Candy.  A scene of Palm Beach “witches in the garden “casting spells demonstrates their dark bizarre behavior.


The love which casts a spell on Jay Sr., and a love spell on Pablo, as they bury the “tail of dog†in the garden.  Victoria wrongfully cut off the dogs tail earlier while at the vet clinic. The girls celebrate, chant, drink wine, and participate in witchcraft rituals that will haunt Victoria throughout the nightmare. The ghost of Whiskey shall haunt them through the nightmare as he is on the prowl seeking his tail, and revenge for his death and for the death of his master.


On FRIDAY, the 13th, Victoria has an ultimate “last supper lunch “in the garden at CASA OLEANDER with Jay Sr. and the corrupt family priest with a sordid reputation.   A “Quier Royalle “, poisonous cocktail is served with bubbling champagne.  A dark red liquor, Casis, bubbles up from the bottom of the glass crystal flute. Immediately after drinking, the killer cocktail, Jay Sr., begins choking.  Rushed to his room, he convulses, foaming at the mouth, and painfully dies. A sad violent death in the luxurious setting of his master bedroom, in the elegant estate by the sea.


Victoria allows him to die, offers no assistance, as the corrupt priest swears to secrecy. He pockets a check, and immediately departs. Paramedics are called seven hours later, rare for a medical emergency, cardiac arrest.  She wanted to make certain he would die.


Jason and Victoria’s gorgeous daughter, Electra connect at the funeral for Jay Sr. at the local seaside Episcopal stone church.  The church is filled with hundreds of mourners with white lily flowers everywhere.  Jason and Electra soon fall deeply in love as they share a common tragic bond of their murdered fathers by Victoria.  Electra may have other motives in this union.


Following the death of Jay Sr., Victoria and Pablo depart for the South of France.  They get married in the Cote D’Azur, in the quaint medieval village in the mountains of Eze located above Monte Carlo.   A small wedding unfolds in a spectacular old church overlooking the Mediterranean Sea below.   They spend their wedding night on a spectacular Yacht in the Monte Carlo harbor. Victoria has a horrific nightmare, as the ghost of Whiskey jumps on her bed holding the bleeding severed head of her late husband, Jay Sr.!  A horrific shock, nightmare as she awakens screaming!  Pablo of course laughs it off not all knowing that is a shadow of the real nightmare to come.


The newlyweds embark on a romantic get-a-way cruise along the coast of the South of France, for their honeymoon.   People in Palm Beach find this a strange sequence of events after your husband of thirty years is found dead after lunch on Friday the 13th.


The newlyweds soon return home to Palm Beach, on their private Gulf Stream Jet, “G-5†and the BLOODY SOCIAL, Nightmare in Palm Beach begins….


Jason has been trying to make sense of his father’s sudden and mysterious death.  He is devastated, and is consulting a private investigator searching for clues and information.


Victoria and Pablo settle in their Palm Beach mansion “CASA OLEANDER “.

She is quite jealous, angry her daughter Electra has fallen in love with her step son Jason.  Perhaps she may have secretly been in love with him, but never admitted anything.


Electra made it known to her mother she had suspected her of killing her father.   Electra never really could do anything about it but now she dreams Jason could be her savior and vigilante.  How could she inspire Jason to kill her mother? A tough task at hand. Victoria knowing the two could be big trouble, particularly as new lovers, so without hesitation, she soon attempts to take the life of her daughter.


During a party aboard a lavish yacht, under the stars with loud fireworks, Electra is confronted by her mother who confronts her atop deck, and whacks her in the head with a champagne bottle, and shoves her overboard in the dark waters to drown.   This is the final act that pushes Jason over the edge. After the yacht returns to the Palm Beach dock with Electra missing, he believes she is dead.   Overwhelmed with grief, he snaps and goes to the dark side.


Jason is now a sympathetic vigilante serial killer. His love and father are dead at the bloodied hands of Victoria. He shall declare war on this society and all what it represents. Like a modern-day Hamlet, he is now a justifiable serial killer, blending in and hidden behind the walls of high society and will become their worst niughtmare.


Electra has seduced him to become the killer she could never be.  The conspirators will meet their end and with each incident the evidence found at the scene of the crime implicates Pablo.


The Palm Beach community has no idea as to the identity of the serial killer and moves forward with all events during their heavy “social “season. The black-tie parties must go on, charity gala’s, golf, tennis, polo games and flamboyant lifestyles are in full swing, all indulging in their lives in total excess.


The Bloody Social journey of revenge embarks with the medical examiner who refused the autopsy for Jay Sr. when one was required by law under all state and federal statutes. Jason jumps on a tractor with circular fairway mower and mulches over him on the 13th green at the Evergreen Club and then sends the tractor to crash into the clubhouse engulfing in flames while then continuing unnoticed on his morning run.


The other key conspirators, include the lawyer, the money manager hedge funder, and the love witch “brujaâ€.  


While the Palm Beach bloody nightmare is unfolding, Victoria’s new husband frequents the local high end strip club, The Moulin Rouge, where he soon falls in love with gorgeous Russian stripper, Natasha.  She smells money, and soon seduces him with all her powerful sexual energy and passion. Carlos soon falls in love with Natasha.


A thrilling conclusion of the nightmare will occur at Victoria’s Friday the 13th costume ball held at her mansion CASA OLEANDER celebrating her new marriage.  She

thought it would be unique and dynamic to have the ball on that special date.  A large crowd will arrive all dressed in wild costumes to celebrate.  The event is intended to surpass all Palm Beach galas and parties. Victoria is dressed as an angel, in white, with a diamond tiara on her head like a Queen. Her three girlfriends, Muffie, Whitney, and Acanthis arrive in costume as the three “Fates “of life and destiny.


Hamlet-like in his pursuit of justice, Jason will gain closure for the loss of his father.  The ghost of his father’s dog Whiskey shall haunt Victoria throughout the nightmare until he gets his ultimate revenge.


The love witch, Acanthis, “Candy†will meet her near end as the guard dog, from the vet clinic, attacks her at the party biting her fiercely, dragging her in the bushes.  However, the bruja excercises her powers, and shall survive the assault.


Victoria organized a special effect, where she’d be hoisted up above the crowd. Like an act in the Vegas show Cirque de Soleil , she planned to deliver a toast to her guests gathered below. Symbolically Victoria is above everyone else, dressed as an angel in white. Prior to her final act, Jason confronts her face to face and plunges a knife deep into her heart repeatedly releasing his violent rage!


She is then hoisted up, with a communion of blood spewing on the guests dancing below.  Victoria is dead, with her head slumped to the side. She met her final fate in grand style for all her guests to see.   The crowd of course think it’s just an extravagant Vegas style stunt, with fake blood spraying downwards to shock all present. The music stops.  This was no act; a real murder and Victoria is dead.  Pandemonium sets in, partygoers panic and flee in all directions.


When Pablo arrives to the scene, Victoria is lowered and is lifeless covered in her own blood.  The murder weapon is discreetly slipped into Pablo’s coat pocket as all attention was focused on Victoria.  Jason disappears in the melee.  The murder weapon is soon found by authorities, in the possession of Pablo, therefore he is charged with this crime. There is a motive now, supporting the claim, against Pablo.  Natasha, desperate for her own freedom, acts as a supporting witness against Pablo who is facing first degree murder charges.


Just as the Shakespearean hero Hamlet, identified with death, so too does Jason who identifies himself as a good-natured vigilante in nhigh society serving a deadly mission of revenge.


In the three decades long running blockbuster Friday the 13th horror film series the main character “Jason†was getting revenge for the death of “Mommyâ€. Now, in this dramatic Palm Beach nightmare thriller, contemporary expose’, “Bloody Social†Jason, shall get revenge for the death of his “Daddyâ€.


Jason accepts his fate as a unique, gentlemen, athlete, polo playing, serial killer, who blends in among the socialites.  He has become a sympathetic vigilante in high society in their dark racist world where think they are above the law. They will soon learn they are dead wrong.


Fair justice is served as the conspirators and black widow are killed with mercenary corrupt husband Pablo being found guilty for the crimes.


In BLOODY SOCIAL, revenge is the main dish, and it is served cold.




This multi-dimensional film is a modern contemporary extension of a heroic tragedy. Popular audiences will identify with the theme of greed gone wrong, in high society within the prejudiced wealthy privileged elite.  The timing is perfect, quite relevant to the mood of the country, with the nightmare taking place in the backyard of a controversial sitting president in Palm Beach.



The “set up “of the story has been based on true facts.  The “confrontation “that ensues is just the nightmare of writer Warrington Gillette in Palm Beach, inspired by the sudden and mysterious death of his own father in real life on Friday the 13th. All names have been changed as it’s only a nightmare. The “resolution†shall open the possibilities for a continuing series of the sympathetic high society vigilante, “JASONâ€.








Warrington Gillette




340 ROYAL POINCIANA WAY – Suite 317-194

Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Email: [email protected]





Please see below scroller (click arrows left to right) for full character descriptions.


 African American , (40’s) former professional athlete, close friend and confidant of JASON. After the death of his father he befriends Kenny seeking help and advice over his loss.  Kenny provides help and support to Jason and is sympathic to his loss and suspects foul play. Kenny presently manages the vast horse farm in Wellington for Thomas Silver hedge funder polo patron.  


The close friend and personal attorney of Victoria, (60’s ).  Victoria has convinced him to wrongfully violate the law and to manipulate her estate and the Last Willof her husband. She made sure her husbands family was completely disowned upon his death so she could inherit all of his money. Her greed was brutal and this corrupt attorney co-conspired with her in her illicit activities.  Thomas has a grand party for her at his Palm Beach estate celebrating her new marriage to Pablo upon their return from Monte Carlo. This will cost him dearly, as being on the bad side of Jason as a co -conspirator is a deadly mistake. 


The close personal friend of Victoria, handsome (60’s) money manager, “ hedge funder “ managing billions.  He is ruthless, extremely money driven with no limits.  A social reisdent of Palm Beach, a player and a major entertainer at his lavish ocean front estate.  He strongly advises Victoria against a divorce to protect her fortune.   His fortune was built on clever inside information,  never gets caught, people don’t respect him but stay close due to his fortune.  He is a yachtsman, horseman and avid polo player and having his own team competing in high goal tournaments in Wellington at the International Polo Club ( IPC) and around the world.  He hires the best polo pros in the world to play for him.  He makes one major mistake, … he gets on the bad side of Jason and will pay dearly after he wins a major US Open Polo Championship game. 


The gorgeous (20’s ) Russian stripper, tall, stunning figure, extremely sexual and provocative,  working at towns five star stip club Moulin Rouge .  She becomes a serious love interest of Pablo Pusero as he is a serious patron of the club, suppling nose candy to all. He frequently visits the club even after his new marriage to Victoria.  History repeats itself in life, in this drama Pablo thinks he can end up with Victorias fortune in the arms of beauty Natasha however he will be painfully wrong. 


The African American butler, (30’s )  for Victoria.  He is very polished , wear white jacket and black tie always serving Victoria and her guests.  He is always aware of the troubles in the household but keeps it all to himself. 


Attractive, always beautifully dressed, (40’s) fashionistas,  close friends and inner circle of Victoria .  Could be cast as the Housewives of Palm Beach if there was a Bravo TV series in town. They are in the high society core with a long history in Palm Beach.  They are members of all the high end clubs and head up several big Charity Balls.  They consult with Victoria on a daily basis and know all going on her life.  They are shocked when Victoria takes up with a new lover, indulges in his bad behavior, and then marry’s him in the South of France.  They are conflicted because they are close friends with Jay Sr. also.  Who side are they on in this high society world? 


The local town social priest (70’s ) always seen in religious collar attire.  He is out an about, in the society, seeking donations to support his congragation. Victoria is a major benefactor always seeking his favors.   He is present at the last supper luncheon with Victoria and Jay Sr., on Friday the 13that Casa Oleander. 


The beloved black Labrador champion retriever and best friend of Jay Livingston Sr.  He is very involved in the story as he causes Victoria to get caught in the act of adultery in her garden with Pablo. She then determined to make him pay for the incident, stages an accident the next day at a pheasant shoot where she slips on a bank and discharges her shotgun and hits Whiskey.  He falls to the ground with bird in his mouth and is rushed to the vet clinic where he doesn't survive the supposed accident.  Then Victoria and her Bruja violate him further with their witchcraft rituals in her garden by burying is tail. His ghost shall then haunt Victoria and her bruja for his revenge as the nightmare unfolds.   


“ Candy “ 60’s black hair , attractive . The Love Witch of Palm Beach “ Bruja del Amor “.  Very Cher like in her appearance, a close friend of Victoria and her socialite girlfriends.  She is known in town for her provocative love and sexual advice columns in the Palm Beach Daily News “ Shinny Sheet”.  She practices witchcraft casting spells on Jay Livingston Sr., Pablo, and on the dog Whiskey all ending up in major trouble for her. 


The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner. Odd looking middle aged, wearing strange glasses, Krust looks the part and dispassionately invokes the law, pointing out that Victoria was within her rights with respect to the quick burial, and was honoring Jay’s last wishes. It would take a court order to have Jay’s body exhumed and autopsied, and given Victoria’s  standing in Palm Beach and her status as a major benefactor to the county, and the police department, Jason would have to put together an undeniable case for wrongdoing in order to have a chance of prevailing and to exhume a body for an autopsy.  He clearly was a conspirator in the death of Jay Livingston Sr. , by refusing an autopsy when one was required by law.  He made sure the body was held in tact and immediately removed and buried as soon as possible.  The body was not even present at the funeral of Jay Sr.  Justice shall be served cold on this corrupt Medical Examiner of the Palm Beaches as he is out golfing and putting out a final stroke on the 13thgreen at The Evergreen Club. 


a high valued, moral, Palm Beach gumshoe, private investigator, that Jason turns to for help after the sudden death of his father. He is the objective voice of Jason’s worst suspicions about the absence of morals characterizing the most elite strata of PB society and his suspicions as to who killed his father.  Barry’s seen it all, and has become jaded, but his sympathy for and affinity to Jason prompt him to put himself at risk to help him prevail.  


Gorgeous daughter of Victoria from her first marriage. Super elegant, refined , fashionista, always impeccably turned out, model like, in her (30)’s , still visibly disturbed from the loss of her father when she was young. Playing a critical role, she becomes the love interest of Jason.  She has tried to escape from the shadow of her mother, while living in the same town.  Her mother is very jealous of her class and beauty, while always competing with her for attention.  The last thing Victoria wants is for her daughter to be happy, and in love. She likes her to struggle and live in her shadow.  Victoria doesn’t share her fortune with her daughter.  At the funeral of Jay Livingston Sr., she connects with Jason and will soon become very close.  She is drawn to him as they share a common bond of both loosing their father to Victoria.  She never forgave her mother and always led a disturbed life and was searching for revenge and answers but never knew how. A terrible fight ennsues between her and Victoria, onboard a fancy yacht party, as fireworks were going off, that is nearly fatal. Thinking she died, as she’s gone missing, Jason becomes the vigilante that solves her problem and his, and shall drive the story forward until its end.  Perhaps it was intentional by Electra to use Jason not expecting she’s fall in love with him. 


Handsome , Cuban/ Colombian, 25, stud paramour of Victoria. He’s fit , very tan,rakish good looks,dark complection, wears big gold link chain necklace and is social climbing his way in Palm Beach. He identifies with Colombian Pablo Escobar, who was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist who became a multi billionaire before his early death. Pablo looks up to his Colombian namesake. Pablo has escaped convictions for drug trafficking and racketeering in expensive stolen exotic cars in Miami. He is a slippery, shady character who trouble seems to follow. He seems to always have the party favors, including the best marching powder supplying the town from Colombia. He is known in the nightclubs and in the high end strip clubs. Vicoria has fallen madly in love with him and he is working it to the max. They met at a large charity party, in Palm Beach, and he just swept her off her feet with his latin charm and nose candy. He looks like a movie star so Victoria was easy prey and want to marry him. They have become inseparable however there is one major problem; Victoria is currently married to Jay Livingston Sr.

Jay Livingston

JAY LIVINGSTON SR. At 68, Jay Sr. very tall and handsome black hair , socially prominent, popular with all, old guard of Palm Beach, is married to the Palm Beach heiress, Victoria . He has spent years playing his part in the ongoing public social performance, that is his marriage, but the effort seems to have taken a toll on his psyche and well being. He is a true sportsmen from the South loving golf, shooting, horse racing and deep sea fishing, and has found himself caught up in a rich social life. He is impeccably dressed and expert marksman and the life of the party. He is sorry he didn’t raise his children and his namesake son. Now he is making up for lost time to the best of his ability. He has been including and introducing his son all over town hoping he could fit in, somehow someway in some capacity in this high life in Palm Beach. He is now tormented that his marriage has gone bad and his wife has a new latin lover. Everyone is living in pain and in denial. Alchohol fueled fights are making life unbearable. JAY SR. is miserable in this wealth held captive at CASA OLEANDER.


Co-leading role in the movie. He is 40’s, handsome, athlete, on a mission over the wrongfull loss of his father. Financially, he cannot live like his father, step-mother and family therefore he lives chaotically in their shadow. He grew up as a horsemen and is now playing polo in Wellington , Florida searching for his own happiness within his means. He cannot keep up with the Palm Beach lifestyle. He definitely has some serious issues, where many of these traits emerged when he was very young when his parents divorced and 12 years old, when his father, Jay Sr., married Victoria. It has been deeply ingrained in him, that money and social position trump everything else in life and particularly in Palm Beach. His father suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances on Friday the 13th and he suspects his evil step mother as the perpretator of the crime as she takes off with her new lover to Monte Carlo and a cruise along the South of France. Searching for answers , he falls in love with his former step sister, Electra, georgous, modelesque, only related by marriage who offers him great comfort and love after the tragic loss of his father. After more dramatic events occur in the nightmare that ensues he becomes a sympathetic vigilante on a mission for revenge and justice for his late father.


Leading role, star of the Movie - the patrician, protagonist , refined tobacco heiress, socialite, well-preserved, mid-50s, widely acknowledged “queen” of Palm Beach high society. She is JASON’S haughty, cunning, self-serving stepmother, anti-semetic and racist, a true “ Black-Widow”. She writes her own rules and feels she is ruthlessly above the law. She’s quite sensous and a killer at the same time, nothing gets in her way. CASA OLEANDER is her oceanside Palm Beach Mizner styled mansion where her icy resolve reigns supreme.Possessed of an outsized superiority complex and a staggering sense of entitlement, she has an externally captivating “public face” that masks how reprehensible she is as a person, especially when she drinks, which is daily. Obvious conviction that the law doesn’t apply to her and her ilk. And, in her mind, anything that promotes the greater good (her own best interests) is moral and right. In the 28-plus years she’s been married to JASON’S father, JAY SR. She can be fashioned as a uniquely appealing because of her wealth, however we’ll love to hate her. Still brainstorming whether it’s more “what” she does or “how” she does it that’s unique. If only the former, it’s story-related, not character-trait related. Possibly—the “did she or didn’t she” aspect of antagonist VICTORIAS function in the story, as the combination of her ego, ruthlessness, and cunning would prompt her to flirt with an “even if I did, I’m untouchable” posturing. So that guessing game she revels in perpetuating in the inner circles of her social structure spins her actions in an extremely watchable/engaging manner. She has grown tired of her husband and has found a new love with handsome latino Pablo Pusero nearly half her age. She soon writes her husbands last “ Will and Testament “ and conveniently left everything to herself. Her greed is a sickness beyond comprehension.

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